A data platform to bring financial institutions closer to SMBs; power your operations with consented customer intelligence all through a single API. 

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Connect to data sources

At 9Spokes Open, business apps and data sources are integrated into one platform, putting business data at the center of everything. These connections provide the data essential to powering our platform — a cloud-based infrastructure that provides reliability, scalability, and security.

Businesses, such as FIs, are now able to access and maintain, through a single API, a consented connection to their customers’ data. Be empowered to deliver great products and services.

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Three levels of accessible data


We integrate business apps into the 9Spokes Open platform. These data sources can be consumed through a single API.


Combines and summarizes data to get broader information, transforming data into understandable business metrics.


Overlaying Al capabilities with information gathered from multiple sources to provide valuable business insights.

Open use cases

Intuitive decisions

  • Allow your customers to connect their data which you can use to auto populate product application forms and obtain the supporting financial information that you require.
  • Gives you near instant access to key information and data about your customers in a standardized form free from human error to speed up decisioning.
  • Provides a seamless and lower touch customer experience leading to better conversion rates.
  • Reduces processing costs by automating data collection and speeding up decision making.
  • Increases the number of applications you can process in a given time.
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Open use cases

Risk management

  • By maintaining a connection to your customers' data, their information is always on hand to help you manage credit risks.
  • Move from backwards looking risk management to proactive risk management. Be notified when certain events, specified by you, occur.
  • Intervene and assist your customers with a data-driven understanding.
  • Improve customer service and change the conversation from “what’s happened here?” to “this is how we can we help”.
  • Use connected data to power your other risk management tools such as fraud and AML engines or processes.
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Open use cases

Customer intelligence

  • Build a more robust, multi-dimensional view of your customers compiled from multiple data sources.
  • Use data to have informed and relevant conversations with your customers.
  • Learn what makes your customers tick and become a trusted partner.
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Open use cases

Lending efficiency

Streamline the data collection process for new business loan applications. Make loan monitoring easy by mitigating risk — powered by an always-on, consented customer data feed.

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Loan life cycle - 9Spokes Open

Security is our priority

9Spokes is ISO 270001 certified. We’ve built a secure open data platform for anyone to build or supercharge financial service products and services from.

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Procure consented business data easily

Created with developers in mind. 9Spokes Open makes it easy to empower your users to connect their apps and pull data when they need it. Provide the personalization, speed, convenience, and value-added services that modern customers expect.

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Why 9Spokes Open?

Procure consented business data easily

Unlock the potential to deliver new open data technologies. No API rate limits. No throttling limitations. Build with freedom.

Flexible data-pulling options

Unlock the potential to deliver new open data technologies. No API rate limits. No throttling limitations. Build with freedom.

Intuitive app management

Select the business applications you want your customers to connect using a simple app management API.

Secure yet simple

Frictionless API key authorization model with no token refreshes and expiration limitations. Create secure, streamlined services your customers will love.

Smooth user connection

Headless OAuth2 capability integrates seamlessly with your app design allowing full control over user connection flows and company branding. 

Seamless data ingestion

Intuitive REST design and a thoughtfully planned data model makes data ingestion a breeze. We support a secure end-to-end process

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