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Business data with one API

Build integrated products for your small business customers by linking with their most used apps: accounting, POS, commerce, payments, marketing, HR, and more. ​​

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Our growing number of integrations.

Small business data lives everywhere. Let us save you the hassle of building and maintaining integrations. Find the full list on our developers hub.

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Faster integrations, faster to market.

Save time and reduce costs by powering consented data integrations with 9Spokes Open. We'll take care of the authorization, standardizing the data, and those other little things that slow you down.

Streamline integrations — invest in innovation. 

We make building and maintaining integrations to small business apps simpler for your development team. 9Spokes Open's products can power workflows for fintech upstarts to established financial institutions, and everything in between.

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Peek under the hood of our API.

Take a look for yourself. Read our API docs and try it for yourself in our sandbox environment.

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Use cases



Better business lending decisions. Faster.

Power your business loan applications using 9Spokes Open: faster, simpler, and easier for your customers.

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Smarter risk management with automated data.

Identify at-risk segments, take action sooner. Move from reactive to pro-active risk management.

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Build on-demand customer intelligence.

Equipped with permissioned customer data, you'll uncover actionable insights and generate business intelligence.

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What you get


We integrate business apps into 9Spokes Open. These data sources can be consumed through one API.


Combines and summarizes data to get broader information, transforming data into business metrics.


We overlay AI capabilities with information gathered from multiple sources to provide valuable insights.

We are a trusted global partner.

9Spokes is ISO 27001 certified. We've built a secure open data platform for anyone to build or supercharge financial service products with.


Ready to get started?

Let's begin the conversation about how the 9Spokes Open small business data API can lift your business.

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